Sex Actually Burns Less Calories Than You Think It Does

November 15, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown


How Much of a Workout Are Your Fuck Sessions?

In a recent study on obesity posted on the New England Journal of Medicine's website, the question about calories burned in a sexual encounter comes up. There is a myth out there purporting that fucking expends 103 calories per minute, and well, sadly, that is just not true. (I am really sad about this too - I just discovered the best piece of apple-pecan pie ever.)

A man who weighs in the vicinity of 150 lbs. only expends 3.5 calories per minute during an average fuck. Add to that the fact that an average sexual encounter for non-porn folks only goes on for 6 minutes tops, and well, that just is not enough calories to really make a difference towards any weight loss goals. Fuck, that sucks. I probably can't fuck that piece of apple-pecan pie away but it would be fun to try to do it anyways.

The image above is of Elsa Jean enjoying AVN Hall of Famer Sean Michaels' cock in Dark X's "Black and Blonde 2". Reverse cowgirl is fucking hard - doing squats like that on a guy's dick are one of the many reasons why porn stars are just full-on sexual pros.

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