There Are No Words for This Ariel Winter Instagram Vid

November 14, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Just Watch It, You'll See

You know what, guys and gals, cats and kittens, friends and foes? I got nothing. Normally I can come up with something clever or witty, but right now, words are kind of escaping me and it’s all because of Ariel Winter’s ass on Instagram.  

A pic alone would drive each and every one of us wild, but she had to go make a little video, and well… that’s more than many can handle. There are some who have a hard enough time with Ariel Winter’s hotness, especially the front of her, but you throw in an incredible ass that looks like heaven on earth when she shakes it… yeah, that’s a bit much. Look, it’s probably best to take this video in small dosages. Yes, I know it’s only a few seconds long, but you’d be surprised how time adds up when you watch it on repeat. I’d like to tell you I’ve been able to do other things during the past hour, but alas, my eyes have been transfixed on the screen and it’s all because of Ariel Winter and her incredible ass.  

I can try to keep going on and on and on and on about this video of Ariel Winter shaking her ass, but what’s the poin? No words will ever really do it justice. Just watch it and you’ll agree words are pretty stupid right now.  

Via Ariel Winter on Instagram

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