Thandie Newton Gave Us an Eyeful and Gained More Knowledge on Last Night’s "Westworld"

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The Robots' Rage and Sexiness Is All Revealed!

In last night's episode of the HBO sci-fi series "Westworld", a lot of interesting developments in the storyline took place along with yet more of the sex and the nudity that we have come to expect out of this awesome show. I cannot express adequately how happy I am that five whole seasons of this show are already approved - fuck, it is so good.

Thandie Newton plays self-aware robot brothel boss in the series and recently, she made a visit to CBS This Morning and left a message inviting our President-elect Donald Trump to try to grab Maeve's pussy and see what happens on the show's guest message board. Here's the pic of it she took for her Twitter feed.


So yeah, I pretty much adore Newton even more than ever now. The character of Maeve does not take kindly to any unwanted labia attention, and that's pretty much my default life position, also.

Anyway, we get to see a whole bunch of Newton's naked body as Maeve plans her escape from the park into the human world. 

Robot hooker Angela Sarafyan may be gone from the series, sadly, as her character was used during the episode to demonstrate the fact that these robots are capable of holding grudges and killing humans. Sarafyan was murdered after she kills a violent human park security officer. We get to see her beautiful body for what is hopefully not the last time as she has her inner workings probed with a drill shoved up her pretty nose. It's a robot lobotomy and Maeve's heart breaks as she watches it happen to her friend.

Evil human corporate overlord Tessa Thompson makes her nude debut on the show as she is discovered getting her freak on with robot host outlaw Hector (played by Rodrigo Santoro). Wow, Thompson has a sweet ass.

Oh, and the fan speculation that Jeffrey Wright's character Bernard is a robot turned out to be very true. Ought to be interesting to see where that goes. Park creator Anthony Hopkins had Wright kill human park exec/Wright's lover Sidse Babett Knudsen. Sad stuff.

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