When Going to Space, Remember to Bring Ashley Smith

November 11, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ashley Smith Should Model for NASA

While I highly doubt I will ever travel to space (I don’t really like flying while on this planet and I don’t think I would enjoy flying off the this planet), if I did for some reason need go to space, the one thing I must have with me is Ashley Smith. Honestly, I think this NASA’s real problem is that they are lacking Ashley Smith’s boobs.  

Posted on Vimeo (link below) and done by the wonderful people over at Treats! magazine La Femme D’argent gives us a nice little peek into what it would be like to go to outer space with Ashley Smith. I can tell you that if this was the case, if Ashley Smith walked around a spaceship or space station wearing these outfits or just having a single breasts out, every little boy in the world would dream of growing up to become an astronaut. There would be no choice, the government would have to fund NASA because demand would so high. Honestly, I’m thinking about signing up and I hate traveling by car.  

I guess you could say that Ashley Smith’s beauty is out of this world. Yeah, I know, that was one dumb space joke, but Ashley Smith is really hot. And Ashley Smith in space is hotter than all the stars in the galaxy. And yes, I know she’s not really in space…

Via La Femme D’argent from Didier Huet on  Vimeo

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