ABCs of Amateur: Dentist

November 9, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by colette-callaway

Welcome to my newest series, the ABCs of Amateur, where I post amateur videos from every category in alphabetical order. That's right—Every. Single. Category. Prepare to expand your mind.

D Is for Dentist


There are many genres of porn that really turn on viewers who would never attempt - or even consider attempting - the act in real life. This is one of those genres. In real life, this would be abhorrent - in porn, it's the depiction of the ultimate form of submission. And lest you think only men fantasize about taking a woman who is completely pliant, I should mention that just as many women who err on the side of submissive get off to these kinds of scenes too.

That said, there aren't many out there - unless viewers can understand that what their watching isn't real (or a real suggestion of something that's OK to take home), it can be considered too shocking. For every immoral concept, though, there's an acceptable version two consenting adults can try out from the privacy of their own homes; namely bondage (duh).

Amateur scenes have an inherently grainy quality, and this is pretty solid. My only hangup? She moves, which makes it a little tough to totally suspend reality. 


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