Does Serena Williams Put on Her Pants Last When Getting Ready?

November 2, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Serena Williams Sans Pants Is Super Sexy

Have you ever thought about your routine when you are getting dressed and ready to go out? You know like how maybe you put your socks on first or you put on everything, do your hair (and possibly make-up), and even eat a snack before you put on a shirt? We all do something a little crazy - or in the case of Serena Williams, something sexy. She waits to put her pants on and just hangs out in undies.  

Of course, Serena Williams could actually be getting ready for some kind of underwear photo shoot. After all, she does have her socks and shoes on, but that could also be her thing. Maybe she’s one of those people who doesn't walk around without shoes on so she always wears them, even when she doesn’t have pants on. I mean, she’s an athlete - maybe she’s protecting her ankles or knees or something by wearing shoes before pants. Whatever her reason or method, one thing is for sure, Serena Williams with no pants on is one hell of a beautiful sight.  

The next time you are getting ready, take a moment to think about why you do it the way you do it. Also take a moment to remember how hot Serena Williams is in a pair of panties.  

Via Serena Williams on Instagram

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