Dakota Fanning Deserves Equal Attention

October 24, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

After All, Dakota Fanning Was Here First

In a bit of confusion, I began flipping through these pictures thinking they were sexy photos of Elle Fanning. Recently it seems like any time a Fanning comes across my desk, it’s Elle. But this time, it’s not. You see, this is Dakota Fanning in Elle magazine. You can see my confusion.  

And you know what, I think we all owe Dakota a bit of an apology. I’m not saying we need to write her long notes or send flowers or anything like that, no what we need to do is remember that Dakota came first. She would pay her the respect that comes with being the older sibling. Sure, Elle Fanning is starting to be in every magazine, on every billboard, and just about everywhere else you look, but that shouldn’t take anything away from Dakota Fanning. She’s hot and nothing can change that. All I’m saying is that maybe, just maybe, we should give both of the Fanning ladies equal attention.  

Look, I’m sure everyone has a favorite Fanning, just like how everyone has a favorite Olsen (Elizabeth Olsen, all the way), but that doesn’t mean we should just give our all our attention to one. So, Dakota Fanning, we promise to you give you equal time when it comes to paying attention to beautiful photo spreads like this.  

Photos via Elle  

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