Anna Kendrick Will Give You a Near Sexy Experience

October 13, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Anna Kendrick Is Quite Heavenly

When people have a near death experience, they all tend to describe that same thing – a bright white light, soft music, and a warm feeling all over. If that is true and that is what you feel before you die, then I should probably go to the hospital because that’s typically what happens to me when I see Anna Kendrick.  

I’m checking my pulse right now and my heart appears to still be pumping, though at a bit of an accelerated rate. My lungs are still taking in air and my eyes are still seeing the image of Anna Kendrick in some kind of lingerie inspired top that is showing off a nice amount of cleavage and possible pokies. So, I’m apparently not dying and yet I’m experiencing a bright light of Anna Kendrick’s sexiness, I’m hearing soft music, and I feel pretty damn warm all over. I don’t know if heaven is real or not, but if it is I hope it’s just filled with Anna Kendrick. And I don’t mean like hundreds of thousands of Anna Kendricks, just the one would be amazing. While it is kind of cliché I think I have to say it… Anna Kendrick is simply heavenly.  

I’m probably going to have to go rest for a little bit, and yet, I can’t seem to pull myself away from my desk. Oh, Anna Kendrick, what are you doing to us? Whatever it is, don’t ever stop.  

Photos via Elle  

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