Gaby Hoffmann Don't Need No Stinkin' Merkin!

October 5, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

That's Her in All Her Bushy Glory

Have you ever noticed how many times you’ve seen Gaby Hoffmann’s bush? You probably aren’t keeping count, but you’ve probably seen it more times that you could. But did you know that's all her? Gaby Hoffmann doesn't use a merkin.

In a recent discussion with Salon, the interviewer asked Hoffmann about her bushy bush, which she has no problem talking about. And while some of you might think Gaby Hoffmann wore a merkin, she doesn't. That is always her bush you are seeing on screen . . . well, except one time. Hoffmann said when her characters show pubic hair on screen, it’s “always my bush,” except in the first season of Transparent.  

“I was very pregnant and my belly was in the way of my bush,” said Hoffmann. “I was mad. I didn’t want a bush stand-in! And I was like, just shoot it with me! And there was a stand-in, and of course, she didn’t have a bush. So she had a wig . . .”  

The body double scene

Having grown up among the bohemian artists of the Chelsea Hotel Hoffmann has no problem with taking off her clothes and showing off her hairy bush.  

“Nudity, to me, doesn’t feel strange or hard,” explained Hoffmann, who grew up “very naked and comfortable.”  

Hey, good for you, Gaby Hoffmann - we are proud of your bush, too! Well, I’m sure there are some out there who aren’t a fan of a bushy bush, and on the other hand there are some who can’t get enough hair down there. And that’s what makes us great. So the next time you see Gaby Hoffmann’s bush, remember - that’s no wig, that’s all Gaby Hoffmann. We salute you, Gaby Hoffmann. May your bush always be fluffy!  

Via Salon

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