Time to Hike with Sara Jean Underwood Not Wearing Pants

September 30, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Sara Jean Underwood Will Make You Love the Outdoors

The idea of spending the day hiking through the mountains of some place doesn’t really sound like anything I want to do. Carrying all that gear, fighting off bugs, and random wildlife, the lack of any place comfortable to sit, yeah - hiking just isn’t for me. Unless I get to hike behind Sara Jean Underwood not wearing pants, then I’m all for it.  

Yeah, I’d rush out to my local outdoor store and buy everything one would need if I knew hitting the woods would mean either hiking behind Sara Jean Underwood with no pants on or even sitting a boat with Sara Jean Underwood in a bikini. Of course, this Instagram post of her rowing a boat will forever change the song “Row Your Boat” for me. Now, whenever I hear it my mind will wonder back to this video and Sara Jean Underwood’s cleavage. Though, there are many things in the world that make me think of Sara Jean Underwood’s cleavage. Hell, sometimes I just randomly thank of it for no reason whatsoever, other than Sara Jean Underwood has amazing cleavage.  

I have never heard the call of the world, but I believe I hear the calling of Sara Jean Underwood’s ass as she hikes. Honestly, the National Parks should get on this; nothing would get people to the parks more than Sara Jean Underwood’s ass.  

Via Sara Jean Underwood on Twitter  and Sara Jean Underwood on Instagram

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