"The Late Bloomer" Trailer Will Make You Blossom with Excitement

October 3, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Finally a New Story . . . and Charlotte McKinney and Roxanna Dunlop!

These days, it seems like every single movie is a remake or reboot of something else. And if it’s not a reboot or remake, it’s the same damn story we’ve heard a million times before. So, when you see a trailer for movie with a story you’ve seen before, you really do take notice. Also, it helps to have Charlotte McKinney and a topless Roxanna Dunlop featured in the trailer.  

Though, if I am being completely honest - and I’m always completely honest with you guys – the trailer could be for a reboot of remake telling the same damn story I’ve heard a million times before, but if it featured Charlotte McKinney and Roxanna Dunlop topless, I’d totally be on board. According to IMDb, The Late Bloomer revolves around a guy who finds out he has a brain tumor that prevented him from going through puberty, doctors remove you it and you can probably guess what happens next . . . I have a feeling there will be a touch more nudity, beyond that of Roxanna Dunlop, but we’ll have to wait and see.  

Hey, who doesn’t love a great sex-comedy? If you answered, “I don’t,” then why are you even here? Go somewhere else - you don’t get to enjoy Charlotte McKinney’s cleavage and Roxanna Dunlop’s boobs. Wait, stay - no one should be denied those two beautiful sights. The Late Bloomer will hit theaters in October.

Via Momentum Pictures on YouTube

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