Bryce Dallas Howard Has Some Pretty Awesome Cleavage

September 30, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

I Think We Should Call This Dallas Cleavage

There is a saying that states everything is bigger in Texas. I have no idea if this true or not, having never visited the state of Texas, but I think when it comes to cleavage that shows the majority of someone's breast, we should call it Dallas Cleavage. Not because of Texas, but because of the amazing cleavage Bryce Dallas Howard is showing.  

Normally when something is bigger, it doesn’t always mean it’s better - but when it comes to the cleavage of Bryce Dallas Howard, bigger is better. Though, bigger might not be the right word to really describe Bryce Dallas Howard’s cleavage. Honestly, there might not be a right word to describe it. The open shirt, no bra underneath, merely centimeters away from the nipple, almost full exposure of one breast, is kind of hard to really put in one word. Hence, why we should just go with Dallas Cleavage. It really does work. Bryce Dallas Howard’s cleavage is bigger, better, brighter, and more wonderful that your average cleavage, so why not name it after her.  

I guess you can really call it whatever you want, but there is no taking away from the beauty of Bryce Dallas Howard and her Dallas Cleavage. They may do it bigger in Texas, but when it comes to cleavage no one does it better than Dallas - Bryce Dallas Howard, that is.  

Via VVV Magazine 

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