Katy Perry Gets Naked to Get You to Vote on November 8th

September 27, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by holly-kingstown

Katy Loves Our Democracy!

My own personal girl singer crush object Katy Perry did the great above video for Funny Or Die to entice Americans to get registered to vote and make it out to the polls on November 8th. TV star Joel McHale is also in this video where Perry explains the whole truth that it really does not matter what you wear to the polls as long as you get there. Perry takes the next step to rock the vote in the buff but sadly, we do not get to see any of that because life is cruel sometimes, just like how the Presidential debates were in their very own special way last night - an event where decorum and decent behavior made its way down the country's collective toilet.

Anyway, Perry naked could pretty much make up for anything. Perry is actively stumping for Hillary Clinton and I am all for pop stars getting back into the political world instead of just producing songs about love, lust, and/or material goods like a lot of what is out there right now. 

You can find out how to get registered to vote where you are by clicking here.


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