#TBT Milla Jovovich Nude in Purple Magazine

September 29, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

These Black and White Nudes of Milla Jovovich in Purple Magazine Shine Bright

You have to admit, with a name like Purple Magazine, one might be led to believe the content inside would either be about paint or a big fake dinosaur who teaches kids the importance of sharing. In both cases, you would be wrong. While I have no idea what else is in the pages of Purple Magazine back in 2009, they contained a bunch of incredible nude photos of Milla Jovovich.

Hell, the pages of Purple Magazine could be a magazine for painters by painters and still have a series of nude Milla Jovovich photos. A nude Milla Jovovich would be perfect in just about any magazine you can think. Think about it, if you wanted to increase your readership, what better way to do that than by including a large number of black and white photos of Milla Jovovich without any clothes on? I mean, I would totally sign up for any magazine or newspaper or whatever if I knew it came with a spread of Milla Jovovich wearing nothing but high heels. Granted, I wouldn't do much reading of said magazine, but once circulation increased I'm sure the owners of the magazine really wouldn't care what people were doing with the magazine.

To be honest, I don't even know if Purple Magazine is still around. Sure, I could very easily search the web to find out, but I'd rather just marvel in this Milla Jovovich spread. Seriously, Milla Jovovich is one hell of a beautiful woman.


Photos via Purple Magazine

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