Lindsey Vonn’s Workout Is . . . Well, You Decide

September 21, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Wish We Could See It From Every Angle

One can imagine all the work that it takes to be an Olympic athlete. The hours in the gym, the days of training, the fact that you are constantly pushing your body to the limit. At times it can be grueling and at other times it can be . . . well, I’ll let you pick out your own words to describe Lindsey Vonn’s pool workout.  

Awesome? Amazing? Perfect? All of those words are the best words one can use to describe Lindsey Vonn working out in a pool. And while I’m sure there are some who will feel the need to point out that Lindsey Vonn isn’t wearing the best outfit to work out in, to that I say: Please keep your comments to yourself. Though, I will say I feel like we need to see the underwater view of this workout. You know, in case any of us want to copy this move and add it to our normal workout routines. I mean, we need to see as many angles as we can to get the form correct. When you workout wrong, you end up injured.  

Lindsey Vonn is one hell of an athlete that we all know, but it might come as a surprise that she makes working out so damn sexy. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, we all knew she made working out sexy, even when she’s not in a pool.

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