Come on W Magazine, Don't Tease Us With Only One Sexy Halle Berry Pic!

September 19, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Three or Four Sexy Pictures of Halle Berry Should Be the Minimum

You know, I feel a little cheated right now. One sexy picture of Halle Berry? Are you guys serious? Come on, W Magazine, I feel like you guys are better than that. Better than just giving on us one single, sexy picture of Halle Berry. W Magazine, you guys can and have done so much better than that.

I know, I know that the one single image they gave us of Halle Berry is the cover of the magazine, and no doubt there will be sexy pictures of Halle Berry heading our way, but why not just go ahead and give all of them? Yes, I understand and can comprehend what a tease is - I know they want to get us all excited with the idea of more sexy Halle Berry pictures to come, but they should know one picture of Halle Berry simply will not do. I mean, you can still tease us, still get us excited about the next issue of your magazine by releasing three or four pictures. But one picture, just one super sexy picture of Halle Berry, is something none of us should stand for.

And yes, I'll take one sexy picture of Halle Berry over no sexy pictures of Halle Berry, but we all know there will be more photos coming out very soon. It would surprise me if I come to work and find the rest of the pictures from this spread on my desk on Monday. Oh well, guess there just isn't anything any of us can do but wait. Of course, sexy Halle Berry is totally worth any wait.

Photo via W Magazine

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