Bella Hadid Wins Wet T-Shirt Contest in Flare Magazine

September 13, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Bella Hadid's unbridled energy and talent are on full display in her sexy new spread for Flare Magazine, where she strikes some hot strategically nude poses. Yes, strategically nude is the worst type of nude, but I'll take it - especially since in one picture Bella let's her nip shine bright in a wet Calvin Klein t-shirt!

The spunky vixen has become the fashion industry's new "it" girl, and if you checked out her fully nude spread from August, you'll understand why! The best thing about this photoshoot for Flare (besides Hadid's insane body) is that on their website the publication states that they "didn't land an interview with (their) über-busy cover subject Bella Hadid" which further proves she's actually a Japanese sex mannequin programmed to make you horny. They try to cover this up by throwing in "Hadid broke face laughing between takes," which either means that they're big fat liars or that she's learning human emotions! 

Aside from the nip picture, you can see Bella Hadid's big ol' milk bags hanging out from an unbuttoned jacket and shirt, as well as cradled strategically (ugh) in her arms. Check out the inCOCKxicating Flare photos in the gallery below! Is she the Bella of your balls?

Via Flare

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