Is Halle Berry Nude on a Wooden Swing?

September 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


There Are Plenty of Awesome Pics on Halle Berry's Instagram Account

I’m all for Halle Berry swinging on a swing completely nude - that’s awesome. But I do feel the need to voice a little bit of concern, because if that’s a wood swing, you need to be ever careful because a splinter in a butt cheek isn’t pleasant. Not that I know that from experience . . . this isn’t about me! Hey, let’s get back to Halle Berry’s sexy Instagram account.  

Seriously, it took Halle Berry awhile to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, but I would say it’s found her way around it pretty well. She’s got quite a few sexy pictures on there for your viewing pleasure. Though, if you are curious about my opinion of what is the best Halle Berry Instagram pic, I have to go with the swing picture. Sure, it doesn’t show a lot - there are some bikini pics that are really awesome as well - but the idea of Halle Berry going back and forth as the sun sets, well, that’s one pretty thought running through my head.  

Then again, nothing beats seeing Halle Berry in a bikini. Whether she is on land or underwater, Halle Berry in a bikini is one hell of a beautiful sight. You know, I guess that’s what great about Instagram, we don’t have to just look at one picture of Halle Berry, we have many to pick from.  

Via Halle Berry on Instagram

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