It's Thursday, So Willa Holland Is Topless on a Car

September 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Why? Why the Hell Not!

Thursday is one of those days I don’t think many of us care about. It’s the second day of the workweek (for most), so nothing big typically happens. Thursdays are all about getting through the day because we are one day closer to the weekend. Yeah, Thursdays are pretty boring, unless you are Willa Holland. If you are Willa Holland, you hang out on the hood of a car topless.  

In case you are wondering why Willa Holland is hanging out on top of a car without a shirt on – stop. Why are you thinking that? Why is that the question you are thinking about? How about you try and figure out why Willa Holland positioned her arms just so that we are unable to see her boobs. Why not think about that one? Look, I’m not mad at you - I could never be mad at you, you guys get me; I’m just a little upset that Willa Holland is topless and we can’t see her breasts. Well, I’m not upset, I mean, this is still one hell of a sexy picture, it would just be a thousand times sexier if her hands were down to her side . . . and someone was spraying a gentle mist from a hose . . . and instead of pants she was wearing cut off shorts . . . that were white . . . and she wasn’t wearing undies . . . but still, this is a sexy Instagram post.  

Oh, Willa Holland, I’m starting to believe you have a Masters Degree in teasing because you are probably the best teaser on Instagram. Then again, that’s probably why we love you so much. And yes, it's Thursday, but this picture was taken on Tuesday.

Via Willa Holland on Instagram

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