Kate Upton Is Really This Hot

September 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

I Mean Kate Upton Is Really, Really Hot Like All the Time

Damn it, Kate Upton, do you really have to be this hot? Come on, you are pretty much completely dressed and somehow it’s incredibly sexy. Sure, the preference will always be you in a bikini, but how is it that you can be completely covered and still drive the entire world wild?  

I guess that speaks volumes to the sexiness of Kate Upton. She doesn’t have to be wearing barely anything to send a chill up your spine. Don’t get me wrong, the mere thought of that makes me lightheaded, but there is something awesome about the fact that when we can see very little skin, Kate Upton is still a knockout. Then again, if I am being completely honest – and if I can’t be honest with you guys who can I be with honest with? – of all the amazing pictures of Kate Upton from this Glamour spread, the one of her back is probably my favorite. Yeah, yeah, it goes against the whole “Kate Upton doesn’t need to show skin to be sexy” argument, but can you blame me? No, you really can’t.  

Kate Upton in a bikini is more than a welcomed and beautiful sight - it’s truly a treasure for the senses. Yet, Kate Upton fully dressed is also one hell of a beautiful sight.  

Photos via Glamour  

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