Ashley Benson Has Some Grand Cleavage

September 7, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


But Is Her Cleavage Grandest of All Canyons?

The Grand Canyon is by far one of the most beautiful and prestigious sights anyone can see in this world. It took hundreds of thousands of millions of years to create the perfect gaps and curves to make such a sight. Although I have never seen the Grand Canyon in person, I hope to one day go and compare it to Ashley Benson’s cleavage.  

Yes nature truly can create some wonderful peaks and valleys and while I’m sure the Grand Canyon is quite stunning (after all, it’s called the “Grand” Canyon) for a reason, will it be any grander than Ashley Benson’s cleavage? That's a question I can’t actually answer until I travel there, stare down at the Grand Canyon, and then compare it to this Instagram selfie of Ashley Benson wearing a bikini top. At least, I think it’s a bikini top - it could be a bra, or I guess it could even be an incredibly sexy sports bra, because she did mention she was hiking. Whatever she is wearing she managed to find the perfect spot, hold her phone at the perfect angle, and capture a perfect cleavage pic. I guess one could call her cleavage the Perfect Canyon…  

I’m sure there are some out there who will say that you can’t compare Ashley Benson’s cleavage to the Grand Canyon and to those people I say . . . I hear you, I really do. Ashley Benson has some pretty awesome cleavage and the Grand Canyon is a bunch of rocks. I get it, I really do.  

Via Ashley Benson on Instagram

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