Melina DiMarco, Boobs, and Tighty Whities

August 26, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

A Topless Melina DiMarco Will Make You Rethink Lingerie

Yes, the latest issue of Treats! features quite a few lovely pictures of Melina DiMarco wearing nothing than the underwear our mom’s used to buy us when we were children. No offense to anyone to still sports the under the butt nut hut. Of course I’m now thinking about running out and getting pack of white undies, though not really to wear, just have so I can look at and think about Melina DiMarco topless wearing a pair. Seriously, this is photo spread is really throwing me for a loop. Now what’s going to happen when I see a Victoria’s Secret Model walking the runway in some super sexy lingerie? Is it going to do anything to me or will I stare blankly thinking, “Yeah, that’s nice and all, but it’s no Melina DiMarco topless in a pair of tighty whities.”  

I’m going to have to take some time with this one, guys and gals. I don’t know what to make of the world anymore. I think the only thing I can do is keep looking at Melina DiMarco’s boobs until I can make sense of it all.

Photos via Treats!


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