Doesn't Matter How Karlie Kloss Spells Her Name, She's Really Hot

August 24, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No One Would Ever Forget About Karlie Kloss

While I might still believe that Karlie Kloss isn’t her real name, that’s it a name she came up with to stand out and make sure everyone remembers who she is, in the end it doesn’t matter how she spells her name because there is no way any of us would forget her.  

And yes, Karlie Kloss is her real name - it looks like everyone in her family has a first name that starts with K. Still, even if her name was Jane Q. Normal, I think we would all remember her. She’s got one hell of a body and the way she spells her name doesn’t change how amazing her cleavage is. If you think about it Karlie Kloss and the way she spells her name gives us a really important message about life. It reminds us that you should never judge a book by its cover because I think we if all saw a misspelling on the cover of a book, we totally wouldn’t buy it. But if you never bothered to look past the cover with a misspelled or a strangely spelled word, you’d never know that inside the book was a sexy Karlie Kloss.  

Sure, that would be a tough lesson to learn, but thankfully Karlie Kloss is her on the cover and in the pages of W magazine showing off her odd name and her sexy body. I guess we could say lesson learned, but I think Karlie Kross should probably remind us every so often in case we forget. 

Photos via W  

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