Lady Gaga Really Does Have Some Great Boobs

August 16, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No Matter What Lady Gaga Wears Or Doesn't Wear, She Looks Great

We’ve all grown accustomed to Lady Gaga and her outrageous outfits, but I feel like we don’t focus on how hot Lady Gaga actually she. Sure, she’s hot when she’s all decked out in the strange, unusual, and downright odd, but when you take that all away, you still have one beautiful lady.  

Of course, by "take all that away," I mean showing off Lady Gaga’s boobs. Well, that’s not 100 percent true - I think Lady Gaga is hot when she’s in normal clothes, though normal clothes are still kind of outrageous. I mean, it’s nothing any of us could wear out in public, but Lady Gaga can totally pull it off. And while I was opening these pictures thinking they're from an upcoming new music video, they aren’t. Instead, Lady Gaga is showing off her hotness and her hot breasts are for a photo spread for V magazine. Still, I’m sure these pics are just a tease and there will be some really hot photos to come . . . and maybe, just maybe even a video.  

Without Lady Gaga, who would fill that void in our hearts for someone dressed like steampunk Victorian or a 1920s flapper with a ring on her hand? Honestly, I can’t think of who that would be nor do I want to.  

Photos via V Magazine  

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