"Feminist" Porn Magazine Math Is Very Artsy

August 17, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown


Check Your "Math"

The Huffington Post did a story recently on the new "feminist" porn magazine called Math. The publication is quarterly and it says that it contains "progressive porn."

It has a cover that looks like a spiral-bound notebook so that you can read porn in public, rather than having a cover that clearly indicates what it is. The editor-in-chief of the publication MacKenzie Peck believes that it is hotter to read porn in public on paper rather than on a phone or an e-reader, telling the Post that it "feels riskier" to view the that way because it is a "spine-tingling erotic proposition."

Uh, yeah, no. Porn is porn is porn and if you are reading this site on your phone right now, thanks. You are greatly appreciated as a reader. All mediums are pretty equal for the risk factor when you decide to watch/read it out in the world or at your day job. 

She goes on to assume that porn currently produced is not produced ethically with performers who choose to be there and do the things they do by choice by saying, "You delve into this rabbit hole of the internet and the deeper you go, the less clear you are about the ethics and practices being employed."

So yeah, she is assuming that women in current porn releases and internet scenes are duped or manipulated in performing in porn and that feminists can consume her magazine and feel "safe" in their choice. This mag has beautiful photography, but I just can't get behind the bashing of the choices other women have made. Feminism is not supposed to be about judging those choices but to support all women in their right to have the lives that they want. 

Peck then says, "It’s crazy that that’s subversive, to have respect for women, to have respect for women of color, to work against toxic masculinity.”

I know plenty of women working as performers, directors, producers and the women who do other jobs for the production companies or for sites just like this one who take zero shit and make porn that they produce with love, care, and pride and men  who respect, value, and pay large amounts of cash to the women who perform on their sets. If the adult entertainment industry contained too much "toxic masculinity" a lot of porn stars I know would absolutely bail. The men in porn that I have known in my lifetime have been respectful, kind men who truly appreciate and respect women and their beauty. The vast majority of male porn directors that I know strive to show women at their most beautiful because they love women and they love the art that porn can be.


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