Olivia Munn Can Make Anything Look Super Sexy

August 15, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


On Anyone Else This Swimsuit Would Look Dumb, But on Olivia Munn . . . So Hot

There comes a time in life when a look you so loved really isn’t for you anymore. Like, I can remember clearing out my closet of all those fun novelty T-shirts that had once brought me so much joy, but alas, I was simply too old to pull of the “Dickens Cider, Hard Apple Cider” T-shirt. Yes, we all have to say goodbye to stuff like that . . . unless you are Olivia Munn. Then wear whatever the hell you want!  

Yes, Olivia Munn found this one-piece bathing suit that, let’s be honest, kind of looks like a plastic table cloth your grandmother once owned. It’s not the sexiest one-piece bathing suit Olivia Munn has ever worn, not by a long shot. And while I’m sure she’s wearing it ironically, still, you have to admit that if it was on anyone else, we would all say – “Why are you wearing that?” But it’s not on anyone else - it’s on Olivia Munn, and it’s showing off Olivia Munn’s cleavage and damn it . . . that’s really freaking hot.  

So go on, Olivia Munn, wear all the stuff none of us can wear anymore! Rock those novelty T-shirts! Run around in a pair of Jams! You’re Olivia Munn, your hotness will make anything and everything you wear super sexy!  

Via Molly Graves on Instagram

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