What Is The Sexiest Monica Bellucci Moment Ever?

August 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Some Questions Can't Be Answered

Life is full of tough questions and hard answers. But of all the tough questions and hard answers that you could be asked, probably the hardest and toughest would be what is the sexiest Monica Bellucci moment of all time.  

Yeah, I know, I can hear everyone out there sitting back in their chairs, scratching their heads, or rubbing their chins trying to simply narrow down the sexiest Monica Bellucci moments. There are so many you could spend hours, if not days, just trying to pick the top ten. And when I say “sexiest Monica Bellucci moment” I don’t just mean film, I mean television, print ads, magazine photo spreads, all of them. We could probably put the smartest and most gifted minds in the world together in one room to answer this question and odds are they would come out a year later without any results.  

But, if you find yourself getting a bit of a headache trying to figure this out, there is an easy answer, the sexiest Monica Bellucci moment has yet to come because every new movie, magazine, and ad featuring Monica Bellucci is sexier than the last. There is no way to have just one single sexy moment because Monica Bellucci is always, always outdoing herself.  


Photos via ELLE France  

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