Nina Dobrev In A Bikini Proves Learning Is Fun

August 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

nullI took this photo of @ninadobrev during a trip with her and her crew of #alohaladies in Maui. Looking forward to more shark diving with her and @oceanicramsey this year to help raise awareness for shark conservation. I love the passion that theses girls have for #shark conservation. Photo by #juanoliphant #stopsharkfinning #stopsharkfinsoup

Can We Get Some Nina Dobrev Bikini Flash Cards For Math Or Something?

Even as we age it’s important to still try and learn something new every single day. For instance, did you know that Nina Dobrev loves sharks? Neither did I! Since we all learned something new today, here’s a nice reward to celebrate, Nina Dobrev in a bikini!  

While Nina Dobrev looking super sexy in a bikini is knowledge we have stored in our memory banks, it’s still nice to have a look every so often. Though I guess I should ask if Nina Dobrev swims with sharks while wearing a bikini. I kind of feel like that would be really distracting for the sharks, not mention a distraction to any other fish and or person swimming with her. But hey, I guess if brings attention to a cause you love, why not. If Nina Dobrev swimming with sharks while wearing an incredibly sexy bikini helps, then who am I to stand in her way? No one, that’s who I am.  

You have to admit, learning something new is pretty awesome. You feel so much better about yourself and your whole day seems just a little bit brighter. Though, that bright feeling might be the reaction to Nina Dobrev in this bikini. Either way, it’s still a great feeling.  

Via Juan Oliphant on Instagram

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