Is Charli XCX Wearing A See-Through Bra At The Airport?

August 3, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush


Did Charlie XCX Take Her Top Off Because Her Flight Was Late?

Charli XCX wearing a see-through bra is pretty damn hot, that’s not up for debate. But there is one thing I am wondering about Charli XCX wearing a see-through bra… you see, in her Instagram post she mentions that her flight is delayed so… does that mean she took her top off at the airport?  


I mean, I’m sure Charli XCX probably gets to hang out in one of those fancy lounges at the airport, you know the ones behind closed doors, but does that mean you are allowed to take your top off in there? Or is it not a top? Does Charli XCX taking her top off make the plane get there faster? Well, yeah, I guess it would. I mean, if you knew that Charli XCX was wearing a see-through bra in some location, you would probably hurry up to get there. Still, I feel like we need to know where she is while waiting for her flight in a see-through bra. Is she at the bar? The gate? Did she find out her flight was delayed while she was at home getting dressed to leave?  

You know, Charli XCX could be wearing a top that looks like a see-through bra. She is rather famous and pretty fashionable so I wouldn’t be surprised if she owned many outfits that look like lingerie.

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