Of Course Ana de Armas Is Sexy, Her Name Is Ana de Armas

August 1, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Ana de Armas Must Mean Beautiful in Another Language

Once again, the name fits. Ana de Armas is just as utterly gorgeous as her name sounds. You know, at one point I thought it was rare to have someone’s name match their image in my head, but I’m starting to think it’s commonplace.  

And once again, I find myself wanting to say that Ana de Armas must mean “she is beautiful” in Spanish because my god, Ana de Armas is beautiful. If you have yet to see her in Knock, Knock, you should stop what you are doing, go watch it, and then return to look at these awesome photos from GQ. And speaking of GQ, we should really give them a slow clap into a standing ovation for not, I repeat not, CGI-ing Ana de Armas’s nipples away. You can clearly see Ana de Armas’ nipples through this see-through top. In this day and age with all our fancy computers and such, nipples tend to disappear. Thank you GQ for sticking your guns and making sure we get to see Ana de Armas’s nipples.  

Ana de Armas, Ana de Armas, Ana de Armas . . . that name just rolls off the tongue. Ana de Armas is one hell of a name and it goes perfectly with Ana de Armas' beautiful body.  

Photos via GQ  

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