Yeah, Kate Hudson Only Wears Bikinis Now

July 29, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


But When You Have Kate Hudson's Body, Why Not Wear a Bikini All the Time?

Not too long ago, I wondered if Kate Hudson had donated all her regular clothing and moved to a strictly bikini-based wardrobe, and I think the answer is clear as day—or maybe I should say as clear as all her Instagram posts.  

Sure, there’s a small possibility that Kate Hudson still owns one or two regular items of clothing. I mean, you can’t go everywhere in a bikini… or can you? It’s Kate Hudson after all, she looks pretty damn fantastic in a bikini. I seen those no shirt, no shoes, no service, but I have never seen a no shirt, shoes, no Kate Hudson in a bikini, no service. Let’s be honest, if there was such a sign none of us would frequent that business and their doors be locked for good by the end of the week. So, maybe Kate Hudson did ditch all her normal close and go for the two-piece ensemble for every occasion. If this is true then I think we need to her bedtime bikini, her going out to fancy restaurant bikini, and of course her laundry day bikini (I bet that’s the sexiest one of them all). You can’t blame Kate Hudson, she has the body to pull off wearing a bikini every day of the week.  

You know, Kate Hudson could also just be on vacation with all her gal pals, but it seems like a really long vacation. Then again, when your entire wardrobe is bikinis, vacations are probably really long. You want to wear all of them.  

Via Kate Hudson on Instagram

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