TREATS! Is Teasing Us With Ireland Basinger-Baldwin In A See-Through Top

July 14, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

This Doesn't Count As A Topless Ireland Basinger-Baldwin

Normally Treats! magazine is just that, a real treat. But it would seem like perhaps they are changing their model to more tease, and not so much treats. For you see, here is Ireland Basinger-Baldwin wearing a see-through top and this is the only picture they have released of her so far. That’s a real tease, Treats!  

I have been rambling on and on that the day when we will see a topless Ireland Basinger-Baldwin was coming, faster than any of us had planned, and I have a feeling that Treats! Magazine would be one that would treat us to a topless Ireland Basinger-Baldwin. But, I’m not declaring victory just yet. Sure, we are getting a really good look at Ireland Basinger-Baldwin’s boobs, but she’s not topless. She is wearing a top, a see-through mesh top, but a top none the less. Yes, Ireland Basinger-Baldwin’s breasts look great, they look the way we all pictured them in our head, but damn it, this isn’t topless. Come on, Treats! don’t be such a damn tease. We know you have an incredible topless photospread of Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, stop hiding it!  

I guess we’ll just have to keep on waiting and keep on getting all riled up when Treats! or Ireland Basinger-Baldwin gives us one single sexy pic at a time. Ugh, it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Oh, they also released a topless picture of Joanna Krupa:


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