50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy After Losing Sex Tape Case

July 7, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown


50 Cent Claims To Have Zero Cents

The New York Times is reporting that rapper/jerk 50 Cent is in bankruptcy court, trying to prove how broke he is in a Connecticut court. 

Cent filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy immediately after losing a case against a woman who claimed that he released a sex tape of her online without her consent. He has been ordered to pay her a total of seven million dollars in damages.

Cent also likes to post pictures of himself posing with mountains of what he claims are fake piles of cash.

“Just because I am photographed in or next to a certain vehicle, wearing an article of clothing, holding a product, sitting next to what appears to be large sums of money or modeling expensive pieces of jewelry does not meant that I own everything in those photos,” Cent told the court.

The fake-money-having bullcrap aside, I have really no sympathy for an asshole who puts naked/sexual stuff of anyone online without getting that person's consent. That is some evil shit to do to another human being.

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