Guess You Can Play With Your Food

July 1, 2016 | Posted in Pornstars by jack-blackbush


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Food And Sex Have Gone Together For As Long As Anyone Can Remember

Have you ever noticed that some fruits look like certain lady parts? Come on, you know you have. Well, artist Stephanie Sarley sure did and she made some Instagram videos to highlight the similarity between some fruits and vaginas. I want to say this is a Confused Boner of the Week, but honestly, I’m just a little confused.



It’s not so much using fruit to show off sexuality or anything, we have been combining food and sex for as long as we have had food and sex.



What is really confusing to me is Instagram is totally cool with someone fingering an orange, but boobies are a no-go? It is because the artist is using fruit as a metaphor of the real thing instead of showing the real thing? Sexy fruit, okay. Boobs, not okay? That is something I just can’t wrap my head around.  



I’m all for art, especially art that makes people think or look at something in a different way. These videos reminded me I need to eat more fruit, actual fruit. I’m sure there are some people out there who love these videos and to those people I say, more power to you. Food and sex, sex and food, they have gone together for a very, very long time. No doubt they will continue to go together.  

Now, I’m off to get a cantaloupe.



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