It Looks Ireland Basinger-Baldwin Will Be Topless in Treats!

June 21, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

This is What Instagram Was Made For, Ireland Basinger-Baldwin's Thong Selfie

OK, I’m going to take a moment and completely honest with you guys. After all, I’m starting to making to a habit of being honest with you, so why stop now? Anyway, if I’m being totally honest, Instagram can be super annoying. I think we call agree that looking at pictures of food, drinks, and out-of-focus locations is really kind of dumb. But sometimes it’s a wonderful thing because Instagram can show us the future. Without Instagram, we would have never know about Ireland Basinger-Baldwin’s upcoming Treats! magazine photo shoot.  

And my god or goddess or whatever you believe, the future looks so incredibly beautiful because I think Ireland Basinger-Baldwin will be topless. I want to get every book on physics, space, engineering, and time travel that I can find so I can see this Ireland Basinger-Baldwin photo spread before everyone else. Treats! has never disappointed, so I have a very strong feeling that this will be the sexiest and the topless-est we’ve ever seen Ireland Basinger-Baldwin. And if it wasn’t for this leather thong Instagram pic, we never would have known about it. Well, we would have known about it when it comes out, but you know what I’m saying.  

Thank you, Steve Instagram, or whatever your name is, guy who created Instagram, for your wonderful invention. Also, thank you Ireland Basinger-Baldwin for giving us a cheek-filled sneak preview of what’s to come.

Via Ireland Basinger-Baldwin on Instagram

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