Jiz Lee Goes on a Joyride in DV/Evil Angel's "Girl-Boy"

June 10, 2016 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Jiz Is Fabulous Behind the Wheel

Jiz Lee picks up hottie hitchhiker Ruckus for their scene in DV Productions/Evil Angel's "Girl-Boy 2," directed by AVN Hall of Famer Dana Vespoli. I fucking love the look of Lee driving that car with the possibly heat-fueled mirage of the couple making out on the side of the road. Lee looks so tough and hot and positively in charge. I am totally in love with getting it on in vehicles too. I have been fucked in a whole lot of mall parking lots in this land of ours. (I never will do it in a Target or Walmart lot. I am talking about outside of a Macy's. Macy's is way classier to get a cream pie outside of.)

I love how these two visually relate to each other—they both look so fucking pretty and I dig Ruckus' sun dress. I have had boyfriends discover the comfort of some of my skirts and start wearing them around the house instead of their previous choice of their own boxers. The reason both boyfriends gave for the love of my skirts was a sense of appreciation for how a skirt airs one's nether regions out. Who can argue with that logic?

Click right here to go watch the whole scene right now!

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