These Watercolor Nudes Are Pretty Incredible

June 3, 2016 | Posted in Pornstars by jack-blackbush


A Nude Woman Is Always a Work of Art

I’m pretty sure we all remember the excitement of getting our first set of watercolor paints. You know, the one in the plastic case with eight different paints that would all end up being the same color after only a few attempts at creating masterpieces. While the majority of us never made anything worth hanging on the fridge, artist Fahren Feingold created some pretty incredible watercolor nudes.  

With her new series, Fiengold hopes to show the true beauty of the female form in a world crowded with censorship, body shaming, and politics.  

“I hope to communicate a sense of femininity and sensuality, beauty and color, eroticism and freedom,” she said. “I want to address issues in censorship, showing female nudity as a beautiful moment and not something to be ashamed of. I paint women of different shapes, because the female form is like a flower — fascinating and alluring in it’s uniqueness.”  

It’s hard to believe that artists still need to convince people that nudity, especially of the female form, is beautiful. One would think that all you would need to do is a nude woman to realize it’s probably the single most beautiful thing in the world.  

Fiengold has some true talent with the brush and the colors. She has managed to combine two beautiful forms together to create some really great works of art. No word if these paintings will on display in a gallery or compiled for a book, but I hopefully both of those things will happen for Fahren Fiengold soon.

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