Fleshbot Podcast: Jacky St. James Is Porn's Own Charlotte York

May 31, 2016 | Posted in Podcast by colette-callaway


Because writing BDSM and listening to Taylor Swift aren't mutually exclusive

This week on the Fleshbot Podcast, we talked to acclaimed porn director Jacky St. James! Not only is she the writer/director of the awesome Showtime series "Submission," but she's won tons of awards in the adult film community for her inspiring, kickass work! Jacky is a self-proclaimed "good girl," and I wanted to break down why—and how that aligns with the work she does in her porn. We talked about finding your own sexuality, why sex is like Mary Poppins' purse, how time-consuming her career is, and what brought her there from Corporate America. This woman is hilarious, and we always love getting to pick her brain! Check it out here or subscribe on iTunes:

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