Ela Darling and Siouxsie Q. Get All Charged Up Over at Electrosluts

May 5, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Ela and Siouxie Knows Watts Up

Gorgeous Siouxsie Q does a fabulous job at fucking and shocking sweet sub Ela Darling in their scene together over at Kink's Electrosluts website. I love how available and ready Darling is for all of those volts and how they keep her in line for whatever dear Q has in mind. With a souped up plug in her ass, Darling is 100 percent controlled and all of the buzzing is Q's to own.

Darling squeals with pleasure/pain at the intensity of the violet wand on her nipples and other sensitive bits, and Q makes sure that Darling gets off good and hard with a combined use of fingers and tongue along with some vibration. Q just looks so damn good at doing that. Q gives more vag fucking to Darling when Darling is in doggy with her pale ass up in the air. With the electrodes making her ass muscles twitch and quiver, Darling gets off more and more before she gets to fist Q. This is such a fun, pervy lesbian scene...

Click right here to go watch all of the scene right now! 

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