The Lady From "Maury" Who Looks Like Ted Cruz Is Going to Make a Sex Tape Because...?

April 26, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush


Someone Is into Ted Cruz Porn? I Guess?

The oldest lie in Hollywood (or any entertainment industry for that matter) is that people randomly get discovered. There you are, minding your own business, when a stranger stops you on a street and wants to give you an acting contract. That never, ever happens . . . unless you happen to look like the female version of Ted Cruz.  

Now, maybe you have noted that Ted Cruz looks like a blub fish, Grandpa Munster, and that guy from The Office, but this is the first time anyone has claimed a woman looks like Ted Cruz. Here’s the thing—Searcy Hayes kind of does look like Ted Cruz. And thanks to her recent appearance on “Maury” (where she was trying to find out who the father of her baby was), the people over at XHamster have offered Searcy Hayes $10,000 to make a sex tape because I guess there’s a market for Ted Cruz porn? Mike Kulich of XHamster told The Huffington Post:  

"We wanted Searcy, because overnight she became a viral meme; I think a lot of XHamster viewers really wanted to see her in action."  

As for Hayes and her boyfriend Freddie Green, they were more than willing to have sex for $10,000, or as Green put it:  

"We want to buy a truck, pay off our house and we might get married. I never had anyone say, 'Here's $10,000! Go make a sex tape, it's kind of exciting and shocking to know she's famous—she's more famous than Madonna! I'm with a star."  

Yeah . . . more famous than Madonna. Honestly, guys, I’m not really sure what to make of this. I guess I’m a little shocked they live in Mississippi instead of Florida, but then again, I’m not shocked they are from Mississippi. Everyone has to pay their bills somehow.

Via NY Daily News

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