She's So Draven: Alt Star Draven Star Is Now an L.A. Woman

April 25, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown


Add Some Draven to Your World!

Alt porn beauty Draven Star just made the big move, bringing herself from the East Coast to the West Coast so she can take her career to the next level. This is totally some of the best news out there—she is beautiful, intelligent, can do any type of scene out there, and she is as sweet and easygoing as can be. There needs to be more of her in porn's new releases, and I hope she gets cast a lot now that she is local.

So welcome to Los Angeles! What have you loved/hated most about being an L.A. woman vs. a Baltimore beauty?

"L.A. is a lot different. I mean, outside of the time change and gorgeous weather, this city feels a lot different than Baltimore does. Way different vibe to everything. So, it's taking me a little while to adjust but I dig it so far." 

What made you make this move? Is it solely a career choice or are there other reasons?

"I kinda figured it was time for me to shit or get off the pot career-wise, for lack of a better term. As much as I adore Baltimore, I'm not the greatest flyer in the world, and was way over all the back and forth. I figured it was time to make the move if I was going to do it, so I pulled the trigger and here I am!"


What do you most want to do with your career these days?

"I'd like to make more movies, work with as many people as I can for as many projects. See what I can bring to the table and how I can grow as a performer. Eventually, I would love to feature dance." 

What projects have to up to out there that you are excited about?

"I've actually been cast as Snow White in Trinity St Clair's Filthy Anal Princesses project and I am THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT IT. I adore Snow White so much and I really cannot wait to portray her!! My scene is going to be BANANAS, too. ;)"


As an inked girl, how do you think your beauty is received by directors/producers? I have heard that the bias against ink is still there from some girls, yet I have heard others say that the tattoos don't get in their way.

"I think a lot of that depends on the girl, really. I personally have run into some problems because of my tattoos. I just keep on moving and working. I can understand the apprehension, but I would like to prove myself as a performer to the point that maybe people can look past my tattoos."

You respond to your fans a lot on Twitter. What kind of reception did you taking this move to Los Angeles have with them?

"Most were very excited!! Some of my Baltimore followers who would see me out and about in the city or at my club were sad, though. I was very happy to have the support of them as well as my friends—a cross country move is nothing to shake a stick at!"


You are one of my favorite true blue geeky girls in the industry. What have you been watching/reading lately and loving?

"Yay!! Thank you so much!!! I've been getting real deep into true crime again. A lot of articles as well as novels. The most recent one I got is called 'Early Graves'."

Do you have a "wish list" of what kind of work/people you want to work with now that you are so available to all of these companies?

"I do, kind of. People and projects I'd like to do (see what I did there? ;)) that I've kind of kept to myself. I've wanted to work with Owen Gray for a long time and I get to in my first scene for Kink, which is awesome. I'd love to do a scene for Tonight's Girlfriend. I love how those scenes are shot and they always get me so worked up."


What else is up with you?

"Just getting my bearings around town! I've started going to Cloak and Dagger, a party in Hollywood I adore. I found a club that I like dancing at, I love my agency, and I'm starting to shoot for more companies. I really can't complain about anything at all right now. :)"

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for sticking with me! I know I'm kind of a strange character in porn as I've been around for a while, but not everywhere around. I have some rad plans and tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned and follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @thedoomdoll! I love you all!"

All of the images and video here of Star with Jon Jon appear courtesy of Burning Angel. Click right here to go watch this awesome Joanna Angel-directed scene right now!

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