When the Going Gets Tough, Kimberley Garner Gets Sexy

Kimberley Garner Brings the Sexy

Being a swimsuit designer is hard enough, but you also happen to the spokesmodel for you own fashion line—you have to pull double duty. So if that means you have put on a sexy two-piece and climb into a cold Jacuzzi, then damn it, you have to do it. Thank goodness Kimberley Garner is tough enough. And also pretty damn sexy while she’s being tough.  

We all know that being hot isn’t easy, and yet Kimberley Garner has found a way to make it look like a breeze. I guess I shouldn’t say "breeze"—Kimberley Garner did point out that the water was a little cold. I have no idea why they didn’t let you warm up in the hot tub first. While I agree that Kimberley Garner looks amazing in cold water, I have a feeling she would look just as amazing in hot water. We all want Kimberley Garner to be comfortable while she’s being sexy. Though, she’s a professional so even if she wasn’t comfortable she would let us know . . . I mean, not in the pictures. The behind-the-scenes video she can totally tell us that’s she cold, but when the camera starts flashing she’s all business.  

I hope that someone was standing in the wings with a warm robe fresh from the dryer for Kimberley Garner when this particular shoot was over. Hopefully after this one, she got to take pictures of herself in sexy swimsuits someplace warm.

Via Kimberley Garner on Instagram

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