Does Katrina Bowden Want Us to Get "Physical"?

March 22, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

When Will Katrina Bowden Make a Workout Video?

I have no idea if Katrina Bowden is trading in her acting shoes for a pair of cross trainers or not, but it seems like whenever we see her, she’s promoting workout clothing or workout gear or just trying to get us to do a workout. If that’s the case then I highly suggest Katrina Bowden do an updated video of the Olivia Newton-John mega hit “Physical.”  

I can hear some of you saying that song isn’t actually about going to the gym and getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week, and I agree with you; I just want to see Katrina Bowden doing some of those classic moves in her workout gear. Plus, seeing still pictures of Katrina Bowden in tight workout clothing running and jumping and all the other moves she’s doing just isn’t the same thing. If Katrina Bowden really wants all of us to get physical, then we should see her in action, we should see what she wants us to do. That way we can watch it many times in a row, you know, so we can make sure we are doing the moves correctly or something like that.  

When you think about it, Katrina Bowden should probably just make a workout video and a remake of the classic Olivia Newton-John video “Physical.” She can sell them together; the music video can be like a bonus feature or something.  

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