Fleshbot Podcast Friday: Aeryn Walker Has a Serious Question

March 12, 2016 | Posted in straight by colette-callaway


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Because even porn stars have search terms they're embarrassed by

The Fleshbot podcast is back after a brief regrouping, and this time we talked about the porn stigma with the gorgeous Naughty Nerdy, Aeryn Walker! Why is it that some folks think porn is dirty and that all performers enter the industry unwillingly? Can porn stars really, truly love their jobs? And can people who don't know much about porn . . . know they don't know much about porn? We did our best to answer those questions alongside all-important commentary on goldfish flatulence, American politics, food fetish, and stocking porn. This one is pretty damn good, y'all. Feel free to listen here or head over to https://soundcloud.com/fleshbot to stream or download today's episode!

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