Is This Outfit Not Finished or Is Rihanna Just That Sexy?

March 8, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Only Rihanna and Her Sexy Body Can Pull Off This Outfit

While it may appear that the fashion designer simply threw together some random, unfinished articles of clothing and tied the ensemble together with a random section of carpet, you have to admit that Rihanna looks pretty damn great in it.  

I have stated many, many times that what I know about fashion trends could barely fill an 8-oz. soda can, so this outfit may be the newest and most awesome look that will be hitting the high-end fashion retail stores in the spring, but I can’t lie and say I hope Rihanna wears this outfit again. It could just be that I think Rihanna’s cleavage is kind of tying the whole outfit together, so without it, the open pants, lack of shirt, white panties, and long carpet coat might not work. You know, I think I’m OK with that because really, I think only Rihanna could pull off this outfit. Oh sure, there might a few other ladies with some pretty sweet cleavage that might look good in this outfit, but Rihanna’s cleavage looks the best. It would probably be best if we just let Rihanna wear this a couple times and then put it back in the closet.  

I guess if you’re a fashion designer on a time crunch and you don’t quite finish sewing everything together, you should hope that Rihanna is your model because her beauty will cover up any mistake.  

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