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Megan Rain is an erotic mirage. At 5'1", the tiny 19-year-old embodies both innocence and unexpected experience. She can maintain the sweetest of smiles while simultaneously handling cocks that seem bigger than her. The "teen" performer is regularly cast in roles in which her character is defiled my domineering men, and yet, something about her remains untouched. She possesses a kind of purity that transcends the superficiality of porn. It's not that she is naive. Rather, Megan has a mature understanding of the transitory nature of social media stardom and she makes a conscious effort to remain grounded, to stay the girl she was before the spotlight found her. In a way, she's like the tattoo of a rose on her hip, a flower perpetually in bloom—albeit a blossom with a few sharp-edged thorns. I caught up with Megan Rain at the Evil Angel booth during the 2016 AEE convention in Las Vegas.

Alfie: Did you know there was a market for petite “teen” models before you got into porn?

Megan Rain: No. It makes sense that there would be, but no, I didn’t. Before doing porn, I actually didn’t watch much porn.

Alfie: Have you had any difficulty getting cast in teen roles considering you have a giant tattoo of a rose on your hip? Did you get it before or after you got into the industry?

Megan Rain: I got it before I was in the industry. That was one of the fears I had, but no one seems to have much of a problem with it. I am short enough and young enough for them to still want to put me in films like “I Fucked my Father.”

Alfie: Any plans for more tattoos?

Megan Rain: No. If I get anything more, it will be small, like a little infinite sign on my wrist.


Alfie: How would you describe your 2015 as a performer?

Megan Rain: Well, I started in August of 2014, so 2015 felt like my break out year. Last year for AEE, I came here one day but only for four hours. I loved it. I don't like to disappoint people. It's my flaw. I always try to please people. I want everyone to walk away with a boner. I want everyone to notice me. So, being here for only two hours last year just made me want to come back even harder this year.

Alfie: Are you making everyone walk away with boners today?

Megan Rain: Yeah, they better be or I’m not doing my job right.

Alfie: Is that a problem, wanting to please people while also maintaining your limits on set?

Megan Rain: No, because people aren’t going to ask you on set, like, “Hey, I know we’re only doing an anal scene, but will you do double anal right now?" They are not going to ask me that, because, well, first of all, it’s more money too.

Alfie: I would hope it’s at least double.

Megan Rain: Yeah, exactly. So on set, I don’t worry about that. But if I get a phone call from my agent, and they are like, "This company really wants you to do this," then it can get tricky. But I've been better about it.


Alfie: In your first full year in porn, you've already done anal, DP, and anal creampies. Some people say you should hold off on those acts as long as possible to help prolong your career. I also read you’re going to now wait at least two years before you do double anal and double vag.

Megan Rain: Yes, I’m going to hold off on those. I am going to go more extreme this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more cock.

Alfie: So why do you want to hold off on those specific acts?

Megan Rain: Because I am riding this wave, I’m riding it good, and it’s pretty high for me right now. I’m doing things like anal, interracial, DP, and it takes awhile for every company to shoot me in DP. And I don’t want to jump to triple anal when they haven’t even shot me in a DP scene yet, because then they never will. They’ll just want triple anal. I want every company to soak it in. I want every company to book me, and then I’ll do more.

Alfie: Because you are so small, do you think directors want to pair you with bigger dicks?

Megan Rain:Yes and no. I think that I just make the dicks look bigger. It’s also just a rotation. It’s like, when you work with Evil Angel, there are only five main guys for you to work with. It's almost like playing "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," with which cock you are going to get.

Alfie: It’s like dick bingo.

Megan Rain: Exactly. Eventually you get around to them all. Lexington Steele is around somewhere. His cock is huge. I’ve never taken it, but I can.


Alfie: How do you know you can?

Megan Rain: If you think you can, you can.

Alfie: Because the big ones are softer right?

Megan Rain: Yeah, the big ones are softer.

Alfie: Does that mean the small ones are super hard?

Megan Rain: The small ones are super hard and they are also harder to deep throat. The small ones don’t bend as much, so they just ram the back of your throat instead of bending down it.

Alfie: Have you ever tried to deep throat a small dick and been like, "I’m sorry, but your dick is too small to deep throat."

Megan Rain: Yeah, and then you just go to a big cock and put it all in your mouth.


Alfie: What’s up for you this year? Are you going to Europe?

Megan Rain: I really want to go to Europe. I told my agent to book me over there in April.

Alfie: Have they warned you about the differences between American and European porn?

Megan Rain: I shot there last April. It's different, but they treat you like an American when you are there, especially if you have a good agent. They don’t fuck around. If you get any complaints then you are black listed. They don't want to fuck up their relationship with the American agencies.

Alfie: Which countries are you going to?

Megan Rain: Last time I went to Budapest and the south of France. Going there again would be great, but so would going somewhere new.


Alfie: I also read that you wanted to leave porn with the same morals that you went in with. What are those morals?

Megan Rain: Well, you know how you see girls come in and you see them leave with their noses up in the air? It’s all about not forgetting who you are, not thinking you are better than anyone else. Don’t let the money or the fame get to your head. Even though this is porn and its hush-hush, girls start thinking they are famous—social media famous. I just want to be down to Earth. I’m a normal girl.

Alfie: What else do you have planned for 2016?

Megan Rain: I'm going to have a showcase.

Alfie: There was one last year, right?

Megan Rain: There was, for Adult Empire. "Megan Rain: Get Wet." I want a showcase this year. I'm definitely going to stretch my asshole out more, but not necessarily with more cocks.

Alfie: More fists?

Megan Rain: You could do fists, you could do toys, you could do more girls. I just want to get more extreme, like putting fluids in my ass and then putting them into a cup and then drinking them. Nastier. Raunchier. All that is going to be coming up.

Alfie: Do you want to be known for being raunchy?

Megan Rain: Yeah, I like that. But in doing that, you lose stuff too. Like, I’ve noticed since I do anal, I don’t shoot as much as a teen, because the fantasy of being innocent isn’t really there. So yes, I want to be known as an extreme performer. But I’m going to miss being a teen, though I know those scenes will still come because I am a good performer. If they need a good teen, then they will call me.

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