Charlotte McKinney Stretching Is Spectacular

March 4, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Charlotte McKinney Stretching Really Loosens Me Up

While some may wonder whether Charlotte McKinney is stretching to go for a run on the beach or finishing a work out and doing her cooldown stretches, I don’t really care. All that matters is that Charlotte McKinney is showing off her sexy body in many different ways.  

Granted, one would think Charlotte McKinney would have to jog at a rather slow pace as to not cause her incredibly large breasts to bounce so much that she gets hit in the face with one of them and is knocked out. I’m sure there are a number of us who love to have a concussion caused by be hitting by one of Charlotte McKinney’s boobs, though—you would be telling everyone in the ER the story, I know I would. To me, it doesn’t matter why Charlotte McKinney is stretching on the beach. All that matters is that we get to bare witness to this wonderful event. Plus, there is the added bonus of knowing that Charlotte McKinney is loose and won’t be suffering for any kind of craps or muscle soreness. She’s ready to go out into the world and inspire us with massive breasts.  

Be it running, walking, skipping, doing a silly walk, or stretching for no apparent reason whatsoever, as long as we get to enjoy the beauty that is Charlotte McKinney stretching the why simply doesn’t matter.  

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