Katrina Bowden In A Bikini Is Almost Better Than Pizza

March 3, 2016 | Posted in straight by l-l-skelton

The universal answer to the age old question of "what's your favorite food?' is almost always pizza. And really, what's there to hate? Pizza is cheesy, it's portable, you can put almost anything on top of it and you can have it delivered while you sit on your ass binge watching Fuller House all weekend (totally not me, btw!). But what about burritos? Personally, I'm starting to go down Mexico way when it comes to favorite food. Sure, there's the risk of going to your local Chipotle and getting explosive diarrhea and vomit-inducing sickness but the cilantro rice is oh so good!

I wish there was a number you could call to have hot blonde Katrina Bowden delivered right to your lap. The sexy actress sports a floral-patterned, two-piece bikini while doing some yoga poses or something. I don't know. I was busy thinking of her naked with an large cheese and pepperoni in one hand while she tastes my sausage with the other. Bet she could make me deliver in 30 minutes are less!  

Check out the deep dish that is Katrina Bowden at Mr. Skin!

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