Um, Why Isn't Alexandra Daddario in a Bikini?

March 1, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

No Alexandra Daddario in a Bikini Is Most Troubling

Dear Baywatch reboot producers, director, screenwriters, production company, cast, and crew,

If you do not put Alexandra Daddario in a bikini in your movie, then damn you straight to hell. Just put Alexandra Daddario in at least once scene in a bikini or there will be hell to pay.  

Yes, Alexandra Daddario is pretty damn sexy in skin-tight surfing gear and that little hint of her ass coming out of those shorts is great, but it is nowhere close to the amount of sexiness that Alexandra Daddario has to give. I know you guys looked at her past work and you’ve seen what she looks in a bikini, so why wouldn’t you have her in one pretty much throughout the entire film? It makes no sense to me—or to anyone else for that matter—why you would cover up the amazing cleavage of Alexandra Daddario. For goodness sakes, you’re filming a movie about lifeguards. They love the beach and swimsuits, and if they look like Alexandra Daddario, then by god, they wear bikinis. So if you don’t want any trouble, then just put Alexandra Daddario in a bikini in the movie. And then when Baywatch comes out on DVD and Blu-ray, fill it with deleted and extra scenes of Alexandra Daddario in a bikini.  

Look, I was pretty excited about the new Baywatch movie, but seeing these images of Alexandra Daddario not in a bikini has me a bit worried. I’m going to try to remain calm and hope that some pictures of Alexandra Daddario on the set in a bikini will show up in the next few days.  

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