Amy Adams Is One Stunningly Beautiful Woman

March 2, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Why Would You Not Love Amy Adams?

If for someone unknown, unexplainable reason Amy Adams hasn’t won you over yet, please, please, please take a few moments to gaze upon her beauty and let her into your heart. Seriously, Amy Adams is by far one of the most stunning beauties the world as ever seen.  

It’s not her fiery red hair, it’s not her beautiful green eyes, her perfect lips, or her wonderful cleavage that make her so incredibly sexy—it is all of those things put together. Look, she’s the complete package. Amy Adams one of those girls that no man would ever not want bring home to his family and announce is marrying her. If you are sitting there shaking your head in disagreement thinking, “Nah, Amy Adams isn’t all that great. So and so is way hotter than Amy Adams,” then you are only lying to yourself. It doesn’t matter who the “so and so” is in your head—they don’t compare to Amy Adams. Do me a favor: Try and spend a whole day without thinking about how hot Amy Adams is. I’m telling you, you can’t do it. Believe me, I’ve tried, but it’s impossible because Amy Adams so stunningly beautiful.  

Now, for those who already know and have accepted Amy Adams into your heart, then I will gladly get out of the way so you can enjoy Amy Adams in all her glory.  

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